Ewan's new adventures in eating

I recently started feeding Ewan solid food, but first we started with a frozen breast milk on a spoon.  This seemed to be a good transition for him.  Now he loves food!

He was so interested in watching us eat, I felt like I was keeping him away from food when he really wanted it.  He would look longingly at me eating.  He wanted to participate.

I saw on Mother-2-Mother.com a recipe for what they call the Momsicle (frozen breastmilk popsicles) and I thought that frozen milk could be a good way to involve Ewan in meal time without feeding him food yet.

When Ewan was just 5 months old, I froze some milk in a Medela bottle and transferred it to the fridge to thaw just a little for a few hours.  Then, I scraped the slushy milk with a plastic baby spoon and fed it to him at Thanksgiving.  He loved it!  He was opening his mouth and grabbing the spoon.  It was very cold, so I tried not to feed him too fast.  We did this a number of times at meals to let him be involved.

This went so well that I started him on solid food a few weeks early.  He seemed completely ready.  The 6-month rule seems to be a good one, but every baby is different.  Ewan was ready for food at 5 months.

We started with a ripe banana mushed up.  He scrunched up his face and seemed to be thinking about this new taste in his mouth.  He didn't seem to like it, so I mixed some milk in with it to soften the taste for him.   He had to get used to eating something besides milk.  New tastes were not accepted with a smile, but he would open his mouth eagerly to try.

Now, every time I introduce something new he scrunches up his face and spits some of the food back out.  It helps if he sees me eat it.  Just the other day I introduced a peas and carrots puree (he had carrots by themselves first) and he didn't seem to like the first bite.  Then, I took a bite and modeled that it was good.  He smiled and ate more.

He loves food and eats alot.  I'm surprised at how much he wants to eat.