Breasts: Sex toys or Baby toys? Both!

I recently heard in an article on BBC News that an editor at Mother & Baby magazine in The UK bottle fed her babies because she didn't want to put her "fun bags" into a "bawling baby's mouth." Really?

Breasts are sexy, but they can be both sexy and baby food at the same time.  In fact, these two things are closely related.

We would like to think that sex and having babies are completely unrelated, but once I say that, you can immediately see the absurdity of this idea. Of course sex and baby making are related! They are the same thing!

You know that hormone that gave you the best orgasm you have ever had? Oxytocin, yeah that one. Well, that same hormone causes you to be in labor (it causes uterine contractions). And that same hormone causes your breasts to eject milk (it's released when your nipples are stimulated). And it's the same hormone that causes you to feel attached to your sex partner and your baby (it's known as the "cuddle" or "love" hormone).

Have you heard about orgasmic birth?  A surprising number of women experience orgasms during labor caused by oxytocin release.  This would only happen during an unmedicated birth. Check it out at

Also, did you know that semen is a natural cervix softener?  When you're pregnant, the best thing you can do is have sex with your (male) partner.  His semen will get your cervix ready for labor better than the cervical ripening gel your OB has.

We mentally separate sex and our babies, but in reality, nature doesn't.  I guess we do this because we spend so much energy trying NOT to get pregnant.  In fact, we work very hard to have lots of sex without getting pregnant, and have invented so many ways to avoid pregnancy that it can be hard to make the mental switch to being excited about getting pregnant.

Our breasts are a major part of our sex-without-baby-making lives.  We fret about them, augment them, boost them, perfume them, and display them to attract men to want to touch them.

Biologically, there's support for men being attracted to women's breasts. If everything boils down to reproduction and ensuring your genes make it into the next generation, as evolutionary biologists say, then men should select women who would be able to feed their offspring, not mates who can't.

(Ironically, breast augmentation surgery usually compromises lactation.  Talk about fooling nature...)

Large natural breasts do not equal more milk, by the way, but maybe the male brain doesn't know that.  Large breasts and large behinds with a small waist could suggest health also, and there is a lot of evidence that men and women select mates with traits that suggest good health.

Breasts have complex meaning for humans:
1) Men are attracted to full breasts for healthy mate selection
2) Breasts are great bedroom toys because they release oxytocin aiding in sexual pleasure and attachment
3) They play an important part in ensuring the health of the offspring and maternal attachment to offspring

Can breasts be both sexy and food for babies? YES! What's sexier for a monogamous couple than knowing that they produced children together? A man can honor a woman's breasts as life-giving and beautiful during sex.

Don't sell your breasts short!  They are nothing short of amazing!