Squirmy Baby

Ewan has become more mobile, which is good, but he has become very squirmy sometimes when he eats.  About a month ago when his eyes started to be able to focus on objects further away, he would accidentally pull himself off of the nipple when his eyes were taking him in another direction.  Then he would get mad that he lost the nipple.  I don't think he realized that it was his own fault!

Occasionally when I put him in position to nurse because he has been fussing or seems hungry, he kicks his feet, arches his back and, fusses, making me question if he is really hungry or not.  Sometimes it seems that he is not really hungry.  Other times if I hold him and get his mouth near the right spot he will latch on.  When he does latch on, I think maybe he has just gotten really cranky and is protesting his hunger.

Alot of the time I think he is fighting going to sleep.  He will squirm around while eating and let go of the nipple to let out a little "Ah!" fussing sound, but then latch back on again.  Sometimes that means he has to burp, but other times it just means that he is trying really hard not to fall asleep.

What I've learned is that babies definitely don't know what will alleviate their pains.  He feels hunger pains, but doesn't know that nursing will help and fights latching on.  He is tired and cranky, but doesn't want to nap, which would make him feel better.