Ewan hates the nursing cover

I try to be discrete when nursing in public and use a nursing cover, but Ewan has made that really difficult. When I put it over him he begins flailing around exposing me to people nearby and fussing loudly, making people look I'm sure. I guess he doesn't like having it over his face. It seems that if I don't use it people are less likely to notice what I'm doing! I have to wait to put it on until he is already nursing to avoid his flailing around.

I've nursed him in a lot of public places so far. I felt a little nervous about doing it in a restaurant. I would leave the table and go out to the car to nurse him. One day I was out by myself with him and I had no choice but to do it at the table. I figured: what was worse a crying baby or a nursing baby? Definitely the former! Now I am much less nervous about it. My husband is more embarrassed about it than I am. I'll nurse Ewan just about anywhere. The trick is to have clothes easy to nurse in. It can take a while to figure out what works for you.