I'm Pregnant! First Trimester Woes

In my last post I talked about how my period returned and I was ovulating on the full moon.  I only had 3 cycles before becoming pregnant again at the beginning of March.  Now that I have come out of the fog of the first trimester, I am here to say that I survived fatigue, nausea, and incredibly sore nipples, and that Ewan (who just turned 2!) is still breastfeeding.

I cannot stress how crucial it was that Ewan nap in the afternoon.  The rapid growth of the embryo in the first trimester makes a pregnant woman very sleepy.  I needed naps as much as he did.  We would lay down in his bed or in mine and nurse to sleep.  We slept together for 2 to 3 hours every afternoon for a few weeks.

There were a few afternoons where I was really tired, but had trouble falling asleep, and he woke up before I wanted him to.  If he wouldn't go back to sleep with me, I would put on one of his favorite movies and sleep on the couch some more.  I don't let him watch alot of TV, but sometimes it helps keep him occupied while I do something else--like take a much needed nap!

I was extremely lucky that I didn't have any morning sickness when I was pregnant with Ewan.  None at all.  But, this time, I was nauseous everyday until about 14 weeks.  It was hard to eat sometimes because nothing sounded good.  I am the one in charge of dinner at our house, and we ate out alot for a few weeks because I had trouble deciding to cook something.  Every recipe that I would consider made me nauseous just thinking about it.  The only thing I wanted to eat was Baja-style fried fish tacos.  Weird, but true.

Apparently, morning sickness is heavily linked to blood sugar.  That's why they tell you to not let your stomach get empty and to eat lots and lots of protein.  Keep your blood sugar stable and it should help.  Though I am no longer feeling sick, I still feel like I can't keep my blood sugar stable sometimes.  I have to eat so much protein in the morning so that I don't feel light headed.

I had blood sugar issues while pregnant with Ewan, but not until the 3rd trimester, and it didn't make me sick, just lightheaded and shaky.  I have no idea why it's happening now.