February in Santa Barbara

California Live Oak leaves in the grass
Winter on the Central Coast is sometimes rainy and chilly, sometimes clear and beautiful. This weekend it was windy yet amazing. We went to the grandparents' property up in the mountains above the city to get away.

Ewan collecting flowers.
Joe and a California Live Oak in the background.
Despite a spill he took on the brick patio that left him with a skinned up face, Ewan had lots of fun running around in the grass and picking flowers. Joe had collected some flowers for me and Ewan created his own arrangement after he saw mine. I could see his little brain working as he carefully chose each flower. We started by collecting the yellow clover flowers that are blooming all over the yard. Then, he began adding other flowers to make a bouquet. He rejected the orange colored flowers in favor of pinks and purples. We have just started working on colors. I have heard him say "purple", "blue", and "orange".

I'm loving the Santa Barbara winter!

Ewan's bouquet