Breastfeeding Pillow

I used the Boppy pillow for every feed for Ewan's first 2 weeks or so, then I slowly stopped using it altogether by 3 months.  I got it out the other day while doing some cleaning and... WOW!  I forgot how awesome it was!

But, I've had a rocky relationship with my Boppy.

More than once I fell asleep in the cushy glider at 2:00 am with newborn Ewan on the Boppy in my lap.  I know the tag says "No Sleep," but seriously, we were fine.  That "No Sleep" tag is just cruel at 2:00 am... and 4:00 am and 6:00 am...  The pillow was mocking me.

I know I'm not getting any sleep.
Stop reminding me!

I seriously considered cutting that tag off.

As Ewan got older, I stopped using the Boppy.  Mostly because I was feeding him on demand all over the house.  It was a pain to try to locate the pillow when he wanted to nurse.  Also, he stopped nursing so much at night, so I stopped bothering with the pillow.

It was sitting in his room next to the rocking chair for the longest time.  I would look at it and think, "Did I waste my money on this thing?"  Then I put it in a closet.

But it was very helpful during the newborn period when he was nursing so much at night and I was exhausted.  I was great to be able to close my eyes and dose a little while he nursed and not have to worry about dropping him out of my arms.

On airplanes, it's great.  We have flown across the country numerous times with Ewan and the Boppy helps him sleep on my lap without putting my arms to sleep too.

When I bought it, I guess I thought I would be using it everyday, all the time.  Not true.  It sat untouched for months and months.

Ewan is now 11 months and the other day I got it out again and used it when I put him down for a nap.  I actually put my feet up and relaxed while he nursed.  My back was so comfortable and my arms didn't get tired.  It's tough holding a 24 pound almost-toddler for 20 minutes (or more) without any extra support.  The pillow was amazing!

Unfortunately, most of the time he gets distracted by the pillow when I'm trying to get him to nap.  I have used it a few times, but sometimes he wants to play with it and uses it as an excuse to not fall asleep.  This is a big problem, so I've stopped using it again.

Maybe if I had been using it all along he would be used to it, and it wouldn't be so distracting for him.

Oh well.

I definitely recommend that every mother buy a breastfeeding pillow.  It is worth the money.  Just don't be surprised if you don't use it that often.  In my experience, it was indispensable during the first few weeks, but not as useful after that.