Ewan's current eating routine

Ewan doesn't have an eating schedule, but since he has started solid food he does have a routine that we usually follow.  These times are approximate.  I nurse him whenever he wants to, but I keep a mental note to make sure he nurses enough during the day.  Now that he can crawl around, sometimes he gets to playing and forgets to nurse.

I also make sure to offer him water throughout the day.  I keep one sippy cup around for the day and keep refreshing the water.  He will pick it up and drink when he's thirsty.


7am  He wakes up for the day.  Nurse after waking up.

10am  Morning nap.  Nurse to sleep.

12pm  Lunch.  Nurse before or after.

2pm  Afternoon nap.  Nurse to sleep.

5:30pm  Dinner.  Nurse before or after.

8pm  Bedtime.  Nurse to sleep.  Sometimes nurse between dinner and bed, sometimes not.

5am  Wake up and nurse.  Sleeps with Mommy and Daddy until 7am.