Worries about milk supply

I recently read in Breastfeeding Made Simple that uncomfortably full breasts are not supposed to happen all of the time.  Early in breastfeeding it's common, apparently, but it is not supposed to keep happening later.

I was worried that my milk production was going down and that Ewan wasn't getting enough milk.  My worries were totally unfounded though, because he is still gaining weight just fine and having dirty diapers.

I discovered that I actually have an over-abundant milk supply!  That's why I was feeling my breasts get so full all of the time.

When my milk supply decreased to a good, comfortable level, I freaked out and thought I didn't have enough milk.  I had no idea that what I was feeling was actually normal, according to the authors of that book.

I've already been exclusively breastfeeding for three months and I still have so much to learn!